1. my_electric_dreams avatar

    On Mar 26, my_electric_dreams said:

    Hey, if you're going to the show we should totally meet up! ;D

    Oh and you owe me a hangout. I haven't forgotten. I was thinking Discovery Green next Saturday?

  2. samuka avatar

    On Sep 09, samuka said:

    hey ya! how r you? ;)
    I'm new here! nice 2 meet you!
    where r u from? :D

  3. my_electric_dreams avatar

    On May 02, my_electric_dreams said:

    I can't wait either.
    I'm getting nervous even though I know what to expect.
    I haven't seen the teasers

  4. Monte's Attic avatar

    On Nov 17, Monte's Attic said:

    Hey thanks for the add Enjoy the show. we just came back from the Floridia show it was awsome check out our pics

  5. rockchick21 avatar

    On Oct 17, rockchick21 said:

    hey!how`s it going?

  6. Heather1414 avatar

    On May 18, Heather1414 said:

    hey how are ya. sorry it took so long to get back to ya

  7. melody avatar

    On Apr 26, melody said:

    lol! my mistake :p

  8. Kate! [antistar] avatar

    On Apr 26, Kate! [antistar] said:

    Hey hey there, I kinda even didn't remeber that I have 2 profiles here! lol I haven't been on riot for a fucking long while!

  9. melody avatar

    On Apr 24, melody said:

    you seriously had to go to counseling for that? lol, but your so sweet!

  10. melody avatar

    On Apr 12, melody said:

    yes lol thats a very good song. i just realized that half my comment didnt show up in the last one i sent you....it was something about you elbowing that girl in the face. lol dont remember.

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