So much to do...

Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 4:34 AM By: Aurinko

I have to prepare, uhm, 3 festivals, means how to get there, times who plays when, area-plans and stuff...

Then one kinda confirmed interview with Testament (august).
Still without answer are Apocalyptica (july), Tarja Turunen (july), Amorphis (august), Hardcore Superstar (august)

The huge problem with Testament is that I actually hardly know anything about them, atm reading through loads of pages of biography and other interviews...and realizing I feel uncomfortable looking at the singer *lol* I maybe should´ve done all this before requesting the interview, bad luck for me now. But I really hope that my other intevriews will be confirmed, esp. the one with Tarja and Amorphis, would be sooooooo cool. But well, let´s wait and drink tea and be happy. Or not. LOL

Then I have to clone myself to meet up with my good friends before I leave to Finland - the gigs and so many people wanting to see me is kinda, uhm, making me struggle when looking at my tight schedule because I have to get packing and stuff, too, and thats more important.

I even dunnot wanna think about the editing of the Castle Rock photos which I have to do straight after the festival which is at the beginning of July. Damn. and what about packing and relaxxing? LOLOL Forget about the last part, the relaxxing -.-

I completely forgot I still need to do two CD-reviews *runs away screaming* - no clue when I shall do that.

That´s times I cannot stand certain things
1) my press-work in general
2) me feeling the need to be photgraphing concerts/festivals
3) me wanting to make my interview-collection bigger


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    On Jun 24, Aurinko said:

    if things work out the way I want them, it is...but atm its a struggle and hassle...running behind people to get my press-things done -.-

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    On Jun 24, *JadeTheOnlyOne777* said:

    wow thats awesome!!!!

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