It´s about MJ - a different point of view

Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 4:16 PM By: Aurinko

I think it´s quite annoying that this strange trucker magazin declared him as dead and all around the world magazines and newspapers copy those news blindly believing in the truth of it.

Seriously, there is nothing officially confirmed, nothing confirmed by a reliable source - why doe sthe mourning already start now?

I can remember also a time where such stuff happened aswell, he was declared as dead, everyone going insane, fans breaking down - just to hear like 24 hours later: guys, the dude is still alive.

Musically it MIGHT be a bit sad, even though I never liked him. He was popular, yeah, but there are people who try to do more for the people and world and die without being cared about, how many poor people die without having caused it?

I mean, Jackson never had a healthy lifestlye promising him a long life, and without all the operations, drugs and whatever he could´ve done better. And longer. If he isnt alive anymore.

  1. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Jun 26, Hybrid911 said:

    i'm not freaking out about this I just think I should pay my respects. ive listened to his music and enjoyed it.

  2. kitteh avatar

    On Jun 25, kitteh said:

    sorry to say this but: i couldn't care less.
    i never liked his music and i never liked the person he was, when he was out the in the music biz. so, i'm done with this. i might have to unplug the radio though. way to many mj-songs on today... awwwww. that's the only thing that bothers me.
    (don't call me heartless...)

  3. Busta avatar

    On Jun 25, Busta said:

    tmz is actually really reliable and one of the few companies I actually trust.

    but anyways, it's actually confirmed now and everyone's freaking out. poor dude.

  4. junebaby avatar

    On Jun 25, junebaby said:

    I totally agree. But it is all that is on, and lets b honest the media doesnt give a crap about our soldiers, and that is WRONG!!!!!!

  5. Aurinko avatar

    On Jun 25, Aurinko said:

    well, tmz is no reliable source, it´s like any online-mag says that.
    but still, couldnt care less, I rather mourn for those dying unguilty in wars and because of hunger and such...makes more sense to me

  6. junebaby avatar

    On Jun 25, junebaby said:

    It has been confirmed from since 6pm Eastern time, and it is all over all the News networks that Michael Jackson is dead.

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