Burning Tear (poem by me)

Fri, Oct 12, 2007 at 2:27 PM By: Aurinko

Burning Tear
I feel the fire
in my heart
slowly rising and growing
taking my breath
whispering into my ears
"Welcome to Death"
it is a relief from my fears
fears, taking over my life
cutting my veins like a knife.

Burning Tear
destroying my eyes
ending my light
ending my sight
showing me oh how tight
life and death are combined
it is impossible to find
a way to escape.

Burning Tear
making it seem so clear
what went wrong
what I´ve done
how I wasted my time
how I threw my soul away
without wantong to say
a thing.

Burning Tear
oh how I enjoyed his touch
the touch of his hands
holding up my chin
living through lust and affection
living through those affectionate sins
m aking love an addiction.

Burning Tear
making my heart go lit
resembling the feeling when I did sit
on his lap
his hands on my skin
carefully finding their ways
through my layers
of clothes.

Burning Tear
past is past
it went all too fast
it didn´t went on to last
long enough for me
to see
that he´s alright
and not my enemy.

Burning Tear
he burned my soul
instead of easing my pain
I took the next train
to run away
hoping once to be able to lay
down again with closed eyes
because so far all my tries

Burning Tear
here I sit crying
longing for his kiss
that I´d never thought I´d miss
longing for the touch of his hands
but I lost
lost you.

Burning Tear
running down my face and leaving
just like you.

  1. Aurinko avatar

    On May 21, Aurinko said:

    a mess of feelings, a mess of a broken heart, a mess of a life...

  2. StepOne avatar

    On Oct 12, StepOne said:

    oh goodness, what happened that made you write such a poem?
    it is, touching, it makes me nearly feel everything....but...*has tears in eyes*

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