9 minutes of horror

Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 8:57 AM By: dead_vamp

im starting a video series called 9 minutes of horror but i need help finding real horror stories. i have a few already but its hard telling if whats real and whats not. if you know any real or mostly real stories about ghost, murderers or anything scary please tell me!!

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    On Jul 16, spazkitten said:

    wow the funny thing is that u can ask gq13 *gostqueen13* and me any thing about horror. u maby a dead vamp but i'm a real vamp and gq13 is a werewolf but i got nutin so ask her

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    On Jun 21, KayleighRawwr said:

    This is quite an old story but i've heard it is true. Mr and mrs Jones( sorry dont' know real names :/) were driving back from a party at a friends house when thie engine cut out mr jones told his wife he was going to get some help and she was to stay put. After about 20 minutes or so mrs jones heard a tapping noise on her car she ignored it thinking it was a bird of something, later on a police officer taps on her car window and asked her to walk over to the police car and don't look back, but curiosity got the better of her and it turns out the tapping was an escaped mental patient with mr jone's head on the end of a pole.
    My mum told me about it, scared the hell outta me when i was younger, hope i helped :)

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