freinds? what friends?

Sat, Jul 17, 2010 at 7:26 AM By: dead_vamp

my mom gets mad at me for being "antisocial" but whats the point of making freidns when they all hate me in the end anyways. all my friends from middle skool (who were my "best frineds") ignore me now. all the friends i have no ignore my phonw calls, texts, and emials. thy only talk to me when they have no one else around to talk to. im like the backup friend. they only wanna talk to me when they have non one better around. im tired of this!

  1. dazzle_me_7 avatar

    On Jul 17, dazzle_me_7 said:

    yah i hate it when people do that. its like fuck you dude, everybody knows that you hate me and that i hate you, so leave me the hell alone.

  2. xxYESENiAxx avatar

    On Jul 17, xxYESENiAxx said:

    hahaha sounds just like me! but i just hold out and when they want to talk to me when im their last option, i ignore them. they get pissed and eventually leave me alone :) sure i get lonely at times but at least i know the people that are talking to me aren't fake

  3. FliT avatar

    On Jul 17, FliT said:

    i know what are you talking about. i don't know how about you, but for me it's a normal cause i like to be alone. and really don't fuck your mind with this shit, time will give you more real new friends after school. =)

  4. Stefanieeee avatar

    On Jul 17, Stefanieeee said:

    Why do they do that?

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