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About RoachKitty

There is not much to say about me.
I love Papa Roach from the first time I heard "Last Resort". So I would say, I'm a fan for 13 years.
*what a f**cking long time*
Don't be afraid to add me, or ask me something.
I don't bite... well... not always immediately *grin*
Just kidding ;)

I am who I am....

- with heart and soul mom
- a good friend for those I love
- a freak
- a kitten *meow*
- a contradiction in terms
- totally addicted to P-Roach songs *f**ck yeah* XD
- couldn't live without music
- often have the same thoughts as guys *rofl*
- big mouth
- can be very stubborn
- coffee-junky

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I'm so happy that you were born!
Luv ya much, my lil' Mini-Roach!
You are the best birthday gift I have ever received!
No one can top that!!!!

Quote from my daughter after she had seen a picture of Coby:
"He has many beautiful, colorful patterns on his arms!
Mom, I want so colorful arms, too!" lol

Now I wanna thank P-Roach 4 my friends.
If you guys would not make so damn good music,
I probably never met these wonderful ppl!
You are the reason why we know each ohter.
Thx 4 the music that we love!!!!

*so proud of it*

4 the fan made video of "Walking Dead"
You're such a sweet and kind person and I hope that we can rock out together one day!

We definitely NEED TO MEET each other! *____*
*licks Froby* Only you & me know what it means... XD

I love you girl! You are like the big sister that I never had!


I luv ur humor, luv to talk to ya and I really really luv ur pics from PR concerts XD u lil freak *btw I stalk u =P*

You are a very nice and lovely person! Hope that we can meet someday so our kids could play while we're chatting *grin*

Was such a nice experience to freak out with you on our first PRoach concert ever :D
We need to repeat that! XD

dA-rOACh & JadeTheOnlyOne777.
I'm so happy to know each one of you!
Always remains as you are!
*hugs & kisses to ya*

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Bands that I love:

- Papa Roach
- Limp Bizkit
- Falling in Reverse
- Fit for Rivals
- Escape the Fate
- Alexisonfire
- Volbeat
- Foo Fighters
- Green Day
- Evanescence
- Weezer
- Linkin Park
- Korn
- Daughtry
- Ska-P
- 30 Seconds to Mars
- Puddle Of Mudd
- Alien Ant Farm
- Shiny Toy Guns
- Billy Talent
- Stone Sour
- The Hoosiers
- The Hives
- Kings Of Leon
- Ozzy Osbourne
- Black Sabbath
- ZZ Top
- Disturbed
- Paramore
- Kontrust
- Crossfaith
- We Are Defiance
- Porcelain Black
- Subway

German Bands (I love):

- Rammstein
- Beatsteaks
- Oomph!
- Die Ärzte
- Jennifer Rostock
- Luxuslärm
- 4Lyn

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