This is 4 all who miss somebody!

Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 5:43 PM By: RoachKitty

It's two years ago that I met my sister...
She didn't call me anymore. And then she broke with her own family. We don't know the reason for it cause we haven't argued.

I know her boyfriend (or maybe now her husband?) don't like us cause we're not rich. But we don't think that money is everything (like he does)...
But is this really a reason to dislike somebody or somebody's family????
He said he love her (btw I can't belive this) so why he can't like us?

I really love my sister and I want to see her again. And my wonderfull nephew! I don't want to chase her away, as I constantly tell her how much I miss her.
What is already difficult in itself, since I have neither a phone number, nor an address!!!

It's breaking my heart to see our mom when she is thinking of her. I know we are not perfect but who is it? We aren't bad people. Why did she leave us without a word?
I hope someday she will notice what she has done. My door will always be open for her...

...even if I have to wait my whole life...

If you miss somebody, like I do, don't give up!
I don't do!
Maybe the person will notice the mistake someday.

The hope dies last!

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