Between happiness and sadness

Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 8:50 AM By: RoachKitty

It makes me happy that my sister is contacting me everyday.
But also it makes me sad 'cause she is still with her boyfriend and he isn't a good match.
She doesn't want this relationship anymore but she said to me that she will wait till he brakes up... 'cause she is afraid of his reaction when she does. oO
I have to accept that my sister isn't like me...
I'd have kicked him out a few years ago! No one would treat me the way he treated her.
No one has the right to ban anyone from seeing his family, just because he can't stand it!
I don't have to tell you that this is pissing me off, do I?

I would kick him out for her but she lives over 150 miles away from me... and she has to do it I think. *sigh*

In 2 weeks she will come to visit us. But it's a game of hide...
I'm glad she is coming but we don't see her son. She is afraid that her lil boy blabs *double sigh*

What a mess! -.-"
I don't understand how she can stand it since 5 years.
I would've flipped out if he had told me that I no longer allowed to visit my family!
I mean... what the fuck is wrong with this guy!? oO
Fucking idiot!!!!! *grmpf*

(btw I'm sry for my bad english XD)

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