Why Blame The Gene When You Can Gain Extra Inches

Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 3:22 AM By: heightincreaseindia

Short persons often make fuss over their height and wish to be a little bit taller. In public places or family occasions it is the taller persons who steal the attention of others. Medium and short heighted persons often feel depressed at being ignored at such gatherings. It is a common belief that after attaining the period of puberty it is not possible to moregrowth any more. Therefore, the idea of height increasing exercises may sound risible to you. But believe me; they do not sell fake promises like the spurious drugs readily available in the market to increase height.
The generic factor has obviously a finger in the pie in determining our heights. In fact, from color of our skin to the volume of hair to height each and everything is very much controlled by the tiny DNA factor. The normal secretion of moregrowth determining hormone or Soma tropic Hormone comes to a trickle and finally stops secreting once we cross the puberty age. So, even if you have inkling of knowledge of the aforesaid scientific truth, the mere mentioning of height increasing exercises will sound dubious to you.Still there are some simple height increasing exercises that can help you a lot in increasing height by a few inches. They do not require you to go for gym and shelling you a goodly sum, rather you can do them at your home or in locality. These height increasing exercises can be summed up as follows:Height increasing exercises—stretching:Such form of exercise is quite good to increase height. You have to make an elevated posture while standing on your toes and stretching your back against the wall. Such pose will remove any hitch in your spinal chord and elongate it.Height increasing exercises—skipping: Rope skipping is very common among kids and teenagers. It is often recommended for increasing heights. This exercise also keeps one fit and that is why the sports personalities are quite fond of it. Skipping is a boost for the body to extend and also lend flexibility to muscles and bones. Persons with heart problem and undergone through surgeries should skipping a wide berth and at least take suggestion form specialists before opting for it.Height increasing exercises—sprinting: This is the most effective exercise in increasing height. Sprinting at a very high speed may rattle your bones a little and cause minor cracks but it will not take long time to get healed.
Height increasing exercises—swimming Swimming is very popular and good exercise to induct a positive effect to increase height. Swimming helps in expanding the disk in vertebra and thus stretching you an extra bit.

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