man i am so depressed

Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 5:55 PM By: makaylin

alright thursday 12/18/08 someone that i know was driving home from picking up there youngest son the just adopted 3 kids and 3 of there kids are in my grade and 1 is in 10th and one is in elementary and two of the abopted are in my grade and well the were coming home like i said and they hit some ice and well the mom has a broken neck and one of the adopted kids might die so yea today i just found out and it made my so depressed i dont really even ever talk to these kids but i mean i know them so it makes me feel so bad and not to long ago my friends friends died from a tummer and so yea the end of this year is turning out to be a really bad year and i am one of those people that if someone is sad or dpressed or happy i am pretty much they same yea i like im weird say my friend is having a bad day i am having a bad day it sucks so yea when my friends friend died she was sad so i was sad and know alot of people are sad or depressed so yea i am sad and depressed it sucks so bad its not even funny............... good way to start christmas break right god this sucks so bad i just cant get it off my mind and i dont even like the kids but like i sad i am a weird person ggggggggggooooooooooodddddddddddddddd yea i dont know if anything will make me happy right now ....... :(

  1. Tarah Roof avatar

    On Dec 23, Tarah Roof said:

    Omg, i didn't know he might die!! I feel so bad, he was one of my friends, is his bro okay though the other 8th grader?? I'm crying right now, i feel so bad for him!! What about P.R.??

  2. April avatar

    On Dec 20, April said:

    *hugs* It always suck to hear something terrible happening to somebody, even if you don't really like them. I hope you feel happier soon!

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