last exam (i know why i never liked german classes...and poems)

Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 12:50 PM By: kitteh

i had my last final today and it was ok. it really was. kind of... to tell the truth: it was aweful! i felt like a complete idiot standing in front of those people trying to remember facts about the weimar classicism. awwww... it didn't work.
seriously, who cares about some strange dudes, that died more than 150 years ago -.- they have a strange way of expressing themselves AND they talk about very strange stuff. i never understood anything and i didn't start liking them. that's for shure.
at least the second part of the exam was working for me. the literature after worldwar 2. very easy and thanks to my mom i did know a few more facts. she was bugging me with all those boring writers so much yesterday. not nice and it kind of didn't help me study. but in the end it helped me fixing what i messed up. so: thanks mom. (i'm not going to tell her though. she'll never leave me alone with that one...)
i ended up with getting 10 points (out of 15) which is good. i would have needed more to get a better avarage. well it didn't work out...

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