1. the guy is damn JACOBY avatar
  2. Papa'sDaughter avatar

    On Sep 09, Papa'sDaughter said:


  3. ruth avatar

    On Sep 04, ruth said:

    hola! :D

  4. Elvira avatar

    On Aug 30, Elvira said:

    Hi! What's up guy? ^^

  5. SIERRA121697 avatar

    On Jul 30, SIERRA121697 said:

    Hey, how r u?

  6. Papa'sDaughter avatar

    On Apr 24, Papa'sDaughter said:

    Cool ich wollt auch auf festival aber geht nicht :c

  7. Spazzy-Mel avatar

    On Apr 22, Spazzy-Mel said:

    OMG!!! I just arrived in Spain today xD if ever you come by Stiges (30km from Barcelona) you should let me know!!
    Have a great time!!!

  8. Spazzy-Mel avatar

    On Apr 21, Spazzy-Mel said:

    oh for sure!! ;) I hope so anyway :P

    How have you been?

  9. Papa'sDaughter avatar

    On Apr 20, Papa'sDaughter said:

    Mir gehts ganz gut ..
    gehst du auch zu dem Konzert in Saarbr├╝cken ?

  10. Spazzy-Mel avatar

    On Apr 19, Spazzy-Mel said:

    Ah-hah! I knew it :P you're being the BOSS ;) I mean it was inevitable, with a cool name like Eike, epic sunglasses, and the fact you seem altogether awesome, you just HAD to be acting like a boss x)
    Take care!!

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