1. *-X siaani,adaam X-* avatar

    On Jun 29, *-X siaani,adaam X-* said:

    i love you!
    you are awesome! :)

  2. franky shaddix avatar

    On Apr 03, franky shaddix said:

    hehe i got a vip pass of this site :-) it was an awesome day lol

  3. Frankitaah avatar

    On Apr 01, Frankitaah said:

    H i:)

  4. iobymmot avatar

    On Mar 29, iobymmot said:

    bc u wont messsage me back

  5. iobymmot avatar

    On Mar 29, iobymmot said:

    ur mean

  6. BlackVeilBridesGirl avatar
  7. Jacobylover:) avatar

    On Mar 21, Jacobylover:) said:

    Nope I live in Pennsylvania USA

  8. LAURACARLEYx3 avatar

    On Mar 21, LAURACARLEYx3 said:

    lol, love u siani :D

  9. BlackVeilBridesGirl avatar

    On Mar 21, BlackVeilBridesGirl said:

    Thanks for the add. ( :

  10. *-X siaani,adaam X-* avatar

    On Mar 13, *-X siaani,adaam X-* said:

    J U L Y,
    cant Wait.
    love you laurs x

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