Making Friends

Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 8:55 PM By: Rockstar87

So I have added a lot of people to my friends list here on the site and unfortunately I havent had the time to talk to most of them. I have been extremely busy and I dont want anyone to think that I add people just for the sake of having many contacts. Papa Roach is my favorite band and I don know that much people that listen to them so I look forward to getting to know other fans from all over the world that love them as much as I do.

  1. MY VALENTINE avatar

    On Oct 15, MY VALENTINE said:

    awsome and nice to meet you

  2. ElIzAbEtH[rAwR]!! avatar

    On Aug 22, ElIzAbEtH[rAwR]!! said:

    that nice!

  3. Sock a Qeekie avatar

    On Jun 02, Sock a Qeekie said:

    May I add you?

  4. Daniela Calado avatar

    On May 23, Daniela Calado said:

    I think this has nothing to do, because (we) will sooner or later we will talk to everyone, nor that they are many .... even just to say hello

  5. xxbloody-mayhemxx avatar

    On Apr 14, xxbloody-mayhemxx said:

    thats pretty cool

  6. OutOfControl avatar

    On Nov 09, OutOfControl said:

    the you re from sweden and this awards you with 59775 points xP

  7. Niccie avatar

    On Oct 23, Niccie said:

    Hai there, you seems to have the same issue as I... not having that much people around you that knows about PR. Such a pity... but it looks like you're doin' pretty well with getting to know people. ^-^

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