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So Amanda's favorite band is PAPA MUTHA FUCK'N ROACH, but this is just one thing that makes her the amazing person that she is. She is very sweet and kind hearted and has a wonderful and fun loving personality! :D She is a popsicle junkie and a music lover! She is a bit of a flir.....a really BIG flirt and is a very beautiful young woman ;) She doesn't really like where she lives because its far from friends and she gets scared driving to and from when the weather is bad but she loves the fact that its far enough away from the cops =P Amanda is also quite the nerd! she loves video games like Kingdom Hearts, Mortal Kombat, and PGR! She enjoys RPGs and She loves Avacados! Amanda is obsessed with the Transfromer movies and is avidly awaiting the third installment to the franchise. This girl is also a very talented artist and enjoys the artistic style of Alex Pardee. Amanda is 5 ft nothing and weighs almost nothing XD Her favorie color is purple but not a light purple thats a "pussy color" she likes a darker neon purple and her second favorite is pink. Amanda thinks she isn't that smart but she is, she just hasn't figured that out yet. Some of here other favorite bands are Breaking Benjamin, Alesana, and Black Veil Brides...she hasn't mentioned any others yet. Amanda is a really great friend and her fav smiley face seems to be :3 If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her consider yourself one lucky mutha fucka and treat her like a rock princess because she is awesome and deserves it!!

Not your average girl
All of the above and more

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