Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 1:59 AM By: RayTheRoach

This is prolly one of the GREATIEST HITS., I mean it dropped in 200o when shit was a little diffrent back then u know there wasnt no limewire, or itunes, or youtube, shit was OLDSCHOOL and to mee its better i mean PAPA ROACH was at the top of the chart's getting nominated for a grammy, and selling 6 million albums worldwide, thats official,.. most deff one of my favorite albums if u dont have it pick it up on amazon, or take ur broke ass out to a record store and go copp that shizz, i mean it has great hits like LAST RESORT, BROKEN HOME, and my favorite PAPA ROACH song of all time BETWEEN ANGELS AND INSECTS on it so deff a must buy no matter the cost, cause if u love PAPA ROACH then u know u have to support them with ur hard earned money even if u are a pimp or a drug dealer, because if u dont then our favorite band will be lost and if that happens wich it never will i will go insain SO BUY THAT SHIT!!! PEACE..,,,//.,KLRIEUGHIURGHIU

  1. ElIzAbEtH[rAwR]!! avatar

    On Sep 03, ElIzAbEtH[rAwR]!! said:

    yeah!!bought that already tho!!and ILL SUPPORT PAPA ROACH 4 LIFE!!

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    Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 1:59 AM 1 comment
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