1. Ewelina avatar

    On Sep 08, Ewelina said:

    hej, wybierasz si? na koncert 24 listopada?

  2. FRED. avatar

    On Dec 25, FRED. said:

    Hi!!! We didn't speak for a while!! How are you?!
    BTW Merry Xmas!!! :D

  3. JJ_P-Roach avatar

    On Nov 03, JJ_P-Roach said:

    hey! how are you?

  4. x.julia.x avatar

    On Apr 28, x.julia.x said:

    yooooooooooooooo bitch xD

  5. FRED. avatar

    On Mar 28, FRED. said:

    You're welcome! It's sincere

  6. FRED. avatar

    On Mar 28, FRED. said:

    i'm great thanks :) Don't know... you're cute that's sure but idk your photo has something special ;)

  7. FRED. avatar

    On Mar 27, FRED. said:

    Hello !! How are you? I loove your picture ! ;)

  8. V2Vlover avatar

    On Sep 23, V2Vlover said:

    hey ur cute so i added you lol :P

  9. Zara avatar

    On Jun 16, Zara said:

    I*m fine too,but little bit bored:D

  10. Autopsy Cadaverum avatar

    On Jun 15, Autopsy Cadaverum said:

    thanks for the request.

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