weird ass dream

Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 3:41 AM By: luna_wolf

Usually I only remember dreams if they are scary, this one was just plain ass weird and freaky.

I was in an alleyway and all of a sudden Gambit (he looks just like the one from the X Men Origins trailer) jumps down from a rooftop. He tells me that I need to run as THEY are coming for us, I go to ask him who THEY are but he grabs my wrist and we take off down this alley.
I keep screaming at him to let me go and explain what is going on but he ignores me, eventually I scream so loud that I shatter windows and topple over bins and stuff. He stops and turns to me... from there things go black

Next thing I know I'm in this barbed wire fencing (the stuff that they use before cows go into slaughter houses) and the sky is a black and blood red colour and looks rather fleshy. Gambit is there and we are still running through this maze of barbed wire fencing.
I'm still screaming at him and I tell him that I need to get back to Tony (omg Papa Roach are invading my dreams). He tells me that I can't go back because THEY are after us and he begins to use his kenetic energy cards to start blasting holes through the fencing. We keep going but it seems there is no end in sight... then I wake up.

Its so freaky, all the while we were running it was like watching a scene from that movie Crank with Jason Statham. I wonder if there is any meaning to it?

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    On Apr 23, Fluffnation said:

    thats crazy i only think it was a dream

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