The End is Near...

Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 9:03 AM By: luna_wolf

Wow, this really is it now...

My housemates and I had a major cleaning session of the house today and both of them officially moved out as of last week.
All my friends are now saying their final goodbyes and are heading home - its sooo sad :(
3 years has gone by sooo fast, there are things I regret but the good times outweigh the bad. The next time I see people will be at Graduation next month - all in our caps and gowns and then for our grad ball.
I haven't cried yet but I can feel it building up - its horrible. I know if I see any of my friends cry I will start and I won't stop. We will all keep in contact and visit each other but the initial seperation is painful :(

In a way because I'm the oldest out of my friendship group (majority are now turning 21 or 22) I feel that education is not for me anymore - my attention span is telling me to get life in gear, start working and get everything in motion to go and live in America. I know it is going to takes a LONG TIME but the work will be worth it. I might travel in some of that time too - not to mention get some gigs in! I will go and see friends too, some have decided to fins jobs and continue living in Norwich so I will defo visit them, Norwich has been home for 3 years and is much nicer than where I came from originally - plus the shopping is 10X better :)

So the next scary but exciting chapter begins... first I need to get graduation out of the way :S

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    On Jun 25, m shaddows said:

    oh man good luck in everything you do

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