Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 3:40 PM By: LilRoachGrl

ok guys im sick of it!!! im tired of all these reviews about Papa Roach being "washed up" "boring" "going down hill" "disapointing" and everything else these idiots write.

Papa Roach is the best band out there. THATS NOT AN OPINION, THAT IS A FACT!!!! XD and im tired of them being slammed. they write about how great fall out boy, boys like girls, and nickelback and hinder are sooooo awesome and yet they bash papa roach?!?!?!?! that doesnt make sense. Papa Roach has the most passion about music than most bands...most bands start off passionate and in it for the music and then eventually they just decide that their bored and just want money. i dont know about you guys but it seems to me that you can soooo tell Papa Roach loves their fans. and they love music. they dont do it for the money and fame. they do it for themselves and FOR US. they write from their souls and share it with us. They have the best stage performance ive ever seen...and their lyrics are so addicting and have soo much meaning and i relate so much to their songs...true they have a few songs about sex and stuff but my god at least thats not allllll they write sick of turning on the radio hearing "all the sounds you make with every breath you take." and "your a crazy ***** but you **** so good" thats stupid to me. its catchy sure but dumb as crap.....i know papa roach went on tour with buckcherry but i dont i hate turning on the radio and only hearing that. THATS NOT MUSIC. I WANNA HEAR SOME MORE PAPA ROACH ON MY RADIO AND LESS OF THAT WASHED UP MEDIA WHORE CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you agree....pllease comment. if you dont....comment and explain why.

~~~~Papa Roach brings it all to the table...passion,creativity,noise ,energy,and straight up ROCK-N-ROLL ~~~~~

  1. Maia Gray avatar

    On Apr 24, Maia Gray said:

    Let people think what they want. us true fans KNOW they are great. the other people/bands that knock them are just fuckin jealous! they should shove a cock in it! haha

  2. Daltcoby Shaddix avatar

    On Apr 03, Daltcoby Shaddix said:


  3. skylar shaddix™ avatar

    On Mar 31, skylar shaddix™ said:

    you have a GREAT point! Papa roach is by far one of the best bands in the world. Not too many bands care about their fans like Papa Roach does, and it's sickning because Papa Roach isn't all self centered and conceited like other bands are and yett other bands still insult them like their the worst. Their music is AMAZING, i listen to ALL of their songs, beggining to end, and theres not one song i don't like. But, let people think what they want, they don't know what their missing out on, and besides, that leaves MORE Papa Roach for us( :

  4. Fed avatar

    On Mar 30, Fed said:

    There's no need to get pissed off. They are just a bunch of losers. Let's not give them our time. They are not worth it. We know Papa Roach are better than them;)

  5. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Mar 30, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    proach kicks ass and i have loved them forever,... everyone is entitled to there own opinion but times change... people need to get over it... you can read some of my bitch rants lol you will understand where i am coming from...

  6. blah blah blah avatar

    On Mar 30, blah blah blah said:

    I totally agree... They are my most favorite band ever, and I can totally relate to their songs too. I listen to them all the time.

  7. Courtney avatar

    On Mar 30, Courtney said:

    i agree.. papa roach is my favorite band & their music is fabulous.. they are one of the only bands who i listen to their entire album from beginning to end every time because all of their songs are great!

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