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    On Sep 21, cheekaroach said:


  2. deadzombiegirl avatar

    On Mar 07, deadzombiegirl said:

    Kelly is in the music video to be loved and hollywood whore. She's sitting next to Jacoby in the car and hitting the girl with the leash in HW I think. She seems sweet.

  3. rebelghent avatar

    On Jan 27, rebelghent said:

    When is her birthday??

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    On Jul 13, eaj88 said:

    Look, my husband is the air I breath. I love him so much, you fuck with him, flirt with him, say anything to hurt him, my boot will be so far up your ass you'll be using my heel as a tongue. And I wear some pretty big boots, let me warn you.
    See where I'm huggin' my baby? I have this huge ass tattoo on my back. Pain means shit to me where my family's involved. Fuck with them and I'm bringing you down.
    Coby's MY husband. We been through lots of shit. We get through it together. You even bat your false eyelashes at him and you're mine, watch the fuck out. If you're on my good side, which I give everyone a chance to get on, you just got a very loyal friend.
    On a nicer note, uh, see you around.

  5. eaj88 avatar

    On Jul 13, eaj88 said:

    All I know is I just found this on blurty.com....

    Kelly Shaddix's Blurty Entries

    Attention? j_shaddix is property of me. [14 Nov 2002|01:37am]
    [ mood | sleepy ]
    [ music | Mm Coby snoring

  6. inbar avatar

    On May 04, inbar said:

    hummmm mst b cool if coby chose her & married her
    & mst b trusting him like ALOT xD

  7. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Apr 07, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    im such a dork lol i saw her lol when they did a show here years ago she was at the top and he sang to her... man i suck lol why do i forget these things.. shes pretty but i never talked to her lol or anything i just saw her cause he was singing up top and she was there

    wow lol

  8. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Apr 07, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    thats so awesome that she is so nice ive always wondered about her!

  9. ♫ Mindy M-80! avatar

    On Apr 07, ♫ Mindy M-80! said:

    LOL - I'm glad to hear that she is nice, really. I was always curious! :D

  10. Busta avatar

    On Apr 07, Busta said:

    yeah..I've met her. she's tiny and gorgeous. lol. she's pretty sweet. I didn't really chat with her much. I also saw her back right before Jagger was born.

    and wow..I never noticed that she's in the video! I bet it was weird walking that girl on a leash xD

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