an update about my life

Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 2:23 AM By: Sapp

Sitting in my room listening to PR, and think about how much I miss my school actually xD
Walking Thru Barbed Wire is actually a really nice song :b Well all Papa Roach songs is epic ofcause xD
uh uh Hollywood Whore now!!!
Fucking Love that song (:
ohh man this reminds me of how crappy yesterday was ):
First of all there was a Papa Roach concert in Berlin which I could have attended to, BUT im out of money......
So I had to sit in my room all day bored as hell, cus all my friends is like miles away :/
Anyone heard the new Three Days Grace album? :b
its fucking epic, really the best album so far in my opinion xD

Think that would be all for now (:
See ya all xD
Phrederik out!

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