1. Elvira avatar

    On Aug 30, Elvira said:

    Hey. What's up? ;)

  2. Hannah(: avatar

    On Sep 19, Hannah(: said:


  3. maryi is back avatar

    On Sep 13, maryi is back said:

    hello it's me again! what's happened in your LifE this...month?? we haven't speak in a long time ;P

  4. Daniela Calado avatar
  5. maryi is back avatar

    On Aug 07, maryi is back said:

    xD thanks
    what did i say or write you liked my personality ?o.Ô i think i'm a bored person but i say stupid or funny things to people xD maybe, i don't know :P

  6. maryi is back avatar

    On Aug 06, maryi is back said:

    hello was up!
    i think you' re a great artist :P
    that draw in paint shows it , and that... other thing in the pic too xP
    haha bye !

  7. MickeySP avatar

    On Jun 19, MickeySP said:

    Jaer mand xD ^^, F.U

  8. MickeySP avatar

    On Jun 18, MickeySP said:

    NooB ^^ You copy my idea of using game characters name :D

  9. MickeySP avatar

    On Jun 14, MickeySP said:

    This is something else, while you are going to school and actually have a chance to be social WITH REAL HUMANS FLESH AND BLOOD im stuck here having no chance to be social ^^ hvorfor skriver vi egentlig på engelsk?? xD

  10. MickeySP avatar

    On Jun 12, MickeySP said:

    Im diablo 2 addictet this is my main charecters name ^^ (or the budhist lord of death)

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