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About Mr.X-Treme24/7

My name is Raymond Joel Jenkins my friends call me rewind, ray ray,
rj, and ray j.
I am a big time wrestling fan my favorite wrestlers are John Cena and Sting. I am also a
self proclaimed nerd for I Love pokemon, Star Wars, And Anime.

Im a country bumpkin my favorite music is country, rock, and a little heavy metal.

Im a SUCKER FOR REDHEADS and a lover of artistic vertues.

I love to draw, paint, and sketch. I like people when they are not being stuck up.

people say that Im like a hallmart card because I try to get people who are sad to be happy and I look for the best in everyone.

If you would like to know more about me just send me a message.

I am a really fun to talk to guy and if you have any problems I might be able to help you out I wont ever judge you cause thats who I am.

My Birthday is August 20th and Im also a real cowboy. I raise chickens as well as Pigs.

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