Boredom -.-

Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 10:34 AM By: PRoach33

It's so fucking boring, I have nothing to do just sitting here in front of my pc, checkin mail etc....
I should learn for tomorrows' religion-test...But I don't even know what I should exactly learn... Cause our teacher didn't say about what it's gonna be-.-
Normally we write a test about the last two lessons but in religion we just TALK. So the last two lessons we were talking, did nothing lesson-related....So I don't know what to learn!!! I learned a bit about what we did on the 29th of nov. this was the only thing I could imagine writing about.... But I don't wanna write a bad grade tomorrow or feel bad, cause it's my birthday-.- We should have having the chance to change our birthday-date...
Anyway....I HATE the subject religion, it's so unnecessary, why do we need it if it is just talking, sometimes even about private things

Sorry for annoying you guys with my (little) problems^^
Have a nice week :)

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