1st blog also in here!

Sat, Jul 21, 2007 at 2:44 AM By: banshee_revenge

so how's y'all doin?im so happy to be also in here in proach riot where i can find lots of p-roach fans and also to see the band members! i just finished to read coby's blog and i just decided to stop by here and make the first blog also in here...well from my profile u can't know me so much so im gonna tell u..

im stina,im 20 and i come from turin...i've been a fan of these guys since 2000 and i love rock music in general...other bands who i listen to are:mcr,linkin park,avenged sevenfold,fall out boy,sign(a band come from iceland)the used,aiden..just to name a few of these..

im really crazy and funny and i can easily got on with new ppl...

so if u want to leave me a message or comment,feel free to do it!and i will reply to u!

so..i have to go now,but i will come back this afternoon(now in italy it's 11.42 am)so..like...in 6/7 hrs possibly...

so..XOXO 2 all of u and C ya!

Ps:for those who have also myspace..i got it!go and check there too!

peace out and...W LA CUCHARACHAAAAA!!!!

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