feel better now...

Tue, Aug 14, 2007 at 10:41 AM By: banshee_revenge

hey guys how's ya goin?im doing kinda better than the last days i spent being angry to the world.the reason comes out when my friends called me and asked me what's wrong so i told 2them everything.we just made it clear.so for the moment,it's going good :)

then also the relashionship with my sister is like,more attached than ever.i mean we have cleared about our problems,and we just bonded more.she also uploaded some funny pics and im in love with her cuz she's just nuts and insane as me.=]*big smile*

anyway,i had decided to don't give a damn about the haters,bcuz they will sooner or later keep their mouth shut,right?and then see in the meanwhile if they will post an another blog with such non-sense sh** said from me or my friends.

i just told to my sister too about that yesterday(speaking of arguments..she had argued with a common friend and this friend made my sis pissed)and her opinion was clearly right:"that girl is really stupid.."

fu** i just got discovered that i'll miss a livestreamed live on august 22.and i mean the project revolution tour..and i mean linkin park,mcr,HIM and taking back sunday..=[ cuz..yeah i will be in portugal...for3days..i'll leave this monday...and i will come back on the 23rd.kinda sucks.why?

the trip is organized,so i have to be in a group of old people...and im the only one "young"girl in there.secondly,i will have my mum for like,24/7.and then...2hrs in bus..bcuz we will reach milan in bus and then at the airport,we will have a 3hr flight. i just read some of the planning stuff and it's scary.even excursions in nature(which i kinda dont like so much)....i hope to find some kinda"young person"so i can hang out with,and possibly can hear my same music xD

today im kinda lazy,i just went out just to buy the 2nd pair of my same old all-star-punk version..the one with the red texture...i just love them.i had the first pair last year,but i wore always those shoes and i think in february07 i guess they broke down.=[ well at least they survived to 4cities,2gigs,and the winter tooo!so...guys,what girls love most,is a goddamn new pair of shoes...i mean,for girls like me..xD and i got lucky too for the 2nd time in a row..bcuz when i bought my bat vans,they got my number for last!and today the same thing happened.coolness!!!!i love sales!and birthdays!(well the last one sucked for the half,but...that was hilarious..clowns..insanity...hard-louded children...knives...my ex bf's and mine's faces..LOL)anyway..i wanna go on vacation outta here but the same time,being with my truly friends...i guess i have to go now..dunno what to do but..i will imagine what i should have to do.

peace out kids!

keep it ROACHin!XOXO

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