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About Fake Gene'

I love adrenaline. Fuel runs through my veins because of my love for muscle cars, id love to own all of the cars that i like, the 1969 Shelby Mustang GT and 1967 Camaro SS are my upmost favourite cars. I always say that the 60's were the best time for muscle cars. My name is Dale, I love music more than anything, it inspires me and helps me so much, Rock and Metal are my favorite genres but i do listen to a some others (definately not dance though). PapaRoach are one of my favorite bands, they're awesome, been a fan since the Infest album came out. I love to sing and play guitar, especially to PapaRoach, id love to become a lead singer/frontman in a Rock/Metal band, a dream that im going to try and make true. It'd be cool to be like Jacoby Shaddix.

I'm open to talk to anyone....so don't be shy : )
I've an msn account......but you'll have to ask me for that.... :P

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