What`s wrong in this fu#ked up world?

Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 6:00 AM By: devils_advokate

What`s wrong in this fu#ked up world?

Fell free to post and let your thaughts roll....

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    On May 06, devils_advokate said:

    @ musicjunkie14:

    you`re damn right!!

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    On Apr 23, XxCucaracha_AddictxX said:

    stupid people. people that treat u like shit and like u don't even exist. people that are offended by u and start talking shit about u. people are so judgmental. they put labels on everybody and if u don't conform, then ur just considered damned by them. like, this one person asked what i was gonna do for "earth" day...so i was being sarcastic and said that i was gonna go drive my car around and pollute the lovely air and that i'm an earth killer (i was just using my dry sense of humor) and that person emails me saying i'm mean and selfish and that i kill people and i'm killing the earth. i have never met this person ever and she starts judging me and calling me a bitch basically. ok, maybe "killing" the earth was not something to joke about with this person. i hate it when people overreact to small things. i'll be sure to never joke around again..cuz some people never heard of the word "humor". i don't really give a fuck what people think about me anyways...i know who i am..why do i need to explain that to some judgmental person.

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    On Apr 23, Fed said:

    Hahah too much to talk about it

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