Rescue Mission!!!!

Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 3:41 PM By: ~Broken~

The juniors and seniors at my school went to the Rescue Mission that is only a couple hours away from us....and it was a really good experience we helped clean and we also served food the the ppl who lived there. Everybody i meet there was so happy and in such a good mood, and that made me happy...even tho they are homeless (kinda they all have places to "live" that they dont have to pay for) nobody let that keep them from being happy....and just seeing them happy was the best thing of all! But the hardest thing to see was a little girl about 8yrs old was taking care of her mother who is disabled and her two younger brothers, she did everything for them. I wish everybody there they best and hope they all find their way back on there feet, and im glad they have a place to go like the Rescue Mission we went to! They all touched my heart and will remain in my heart!

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