Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 9:00 AM By: ~{Paige Boo}~

Hey guys. So last night i went to a creed concert and skillet was there too just bought both of their cds. some other band played but i totally forgot who. i was in the mosh pit... WILD AS HECK! :D i had this one guy ask for my # and i was like i don't know you :0 Then this other guy named tommy was like dancing with me he came up behind me and we danced .... i liked it. :0 uh oh...i am naughty. I gots his # maybe i should text him? i have no idea.what do you guys think? ugh but anyyway damn it was amazing concert! Like they had these fire things blast up outta the stage and i could feel the heat from it. :0 then they had sparks down the stage and it stunk but like no one cared...well i dont think so any way. Any way then they also had this thing where they had going up and down this like exalled. :D HECK YEAH!

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    On Aug 10, Papa Roach Geezer said:

    OMG, creed are amazing, i wish i went

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