Teen's it sucks i know.

Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 11:37 AM By: ~{Paige Boo}~

its tough to be a teenager, no one really knows, what pressure is like in school, this is how it goes. I wake up every morning, and stare into this face, i wanna be good looking but i feel like a disgrace. My freinds they seem to like me, if i follow threw their dare, but when i try to be myself, they never seem to care. My mom, well she keeps saying, i gotta make the grad, while both of my parents love me, it slowly seems to fade. It seems everyone i know is trying to be cool, and every time i try, i just end up as a fool. I've thought about taking drugs, i really dont want to you know? But i just have to fit in, and its really starting to show. Maybe if i make the team, ill stand out of the crowed, if they could see how hard i try, i know they would be proud. You see im still a virgine you see, my freinds cant find out, cause if they really knew the truth, i know they laugh and shout! Sometimes i really get so low, i want to crash in a wall, my problems really arent so bad,if i think about how lifees been. Sometimes im really lost and wonder where to go and who to talk to. Its tough to be a teen, sometimes lifes not fair, i wish i had somewhere to go, and someone to care!

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    On Aug 26, ~{Paige Boo}~ said:

    Scary shit:(

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    On Jan 10, Angels_never_cry said:

    i feel the same way im about to graduate and its scary.and it sucks cuz ive never had a girlfreind

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