My bf i love sooo....MUCH!

Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 6:18 PM By: ~{Paige Boo}~

He makes me smile and laugh ...
He is the best dancer in all time history...
my parents love him...
And an amazing kisser...

Now tell me who wouldnt want a bf like that...

i think i might love him.... (:
shhhhh dont tell (:

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    On Jan 25, said:

    well all my guy friends make me smile and laugh.
    some can dance and the others cant dance for Shiznets..
    im guessing they all kiss good
    and my mom likes them all

    i wouldnt want a bf that just makes me smile and laugh
    i want more than that.
    rather spend time with me than his bros
    loves the outdoors
    hes nice
    hes sweet
    treat me like im the only girl in the whole wide world
    good stuff like that....

    BBBBBBBUUUUUUTTTT.............we all know theres maybe only a hand full of guys scattered around the whole world that'll treat a girl like that...

  2. Valeria rock 4ever avatar

    On Jan 25, Valeria rock 4ever said:

    I would like to have one :)) Niceee

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