Last Saturday!!!

Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 7:43 AM By: Ladyshaddix

So I'm sitting at work and trying to relive last Saturday night in my head for around the 100th time (thats possibly the most massive under exaggeration EVER)!!

My first ever Papa Roach concert - one word - AMAZING!! The guys have so much energy and throw such a wicked party that you just cant help but join in!!

Can I wait til the next one - NOPE!! I wish it was this Saturday!

Just to make the night extra special, we waited outside the venue for the guys. We had to wait for a while but when they came out they were such lovely guys and stopped to have a chat and I had my piccie taken with them!! I even got a little kiss on the cheek from Jacoby!!


  1. Ladyshaddix avatar

    On Jul 22, Ladyshaddix said:

    I still cant believe I actually met the guys!!! I still stare into space, trying to relive it!!! They were awesome!!!! x

  2. Mrs Shaddix Wannabe avatar

    On Jul 21, Mrs Shaddix Wannabe said:

    I was there too, totally amazing kick-ass show, waited around afterwards but never got to see the guys TOTALLY GUTTED!!!!!! but did get to hold Jacobys hand during 'no matter what'! x

  3. Airamyl avatar

    On Jul 20, Airamyl said:

    i wish they would come to new zealand so i could experience what you did
    im so jealous ^-^ your so lucky

  4. Ladyshaddix avatar

    On Jul 20, Ladyshaddix said:

    They were soo cool!! We had to wait a couple of hours and it was FREEZING but definitely worth it!!!
    The concert was seriously awesome wasnt it!!! Were you standing or in the seats?? x

  5. Maia Gray avatar

    On Jul 20, Maia Gray said:

    Oh cool! How long did you have to wait? :)
    I was at that same show, but couldn't wait.
    Wasn't the concert just amaziiiing?! x

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