Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 4:16 PM By: GraeyVixin

I usually don't blog, but uh people don't really read these anyways so it goes

I went Homecoming Saturday and my date was MIA like half the time, because of his lame was awkward b/c he kept wanting to dance with his friends talking about its more fun..its like "ouch" sorry im not fun enough?

  1. marilynmansonfan avatar

    On Oct 14, marilynmansonfan said:

    That was messed up. If he went to the dance with you he shoud have danced and paid attention to you not his friends.

  2. SiK-MiNdEd avatar

    On Oct 13, SiK-MiNdEd said:

    yea personally i can be a dick becouse im a guy but hes an asshole cuz no guy should ever do aor say that to a girl

  3. Love*Hate*Tragedy avatar

    On Oct 12, Love*Hate*Tragedy said:

    I'm sorry honey:( Don't take it personal...... Men are assholes!

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