I didnt get to go.....

Mon, Nov 5, 2007 at 11:04 AM By: Destiny

Papa Roach came to a free show, (can you believe that FREE) at the Scout Bar in downtown Houston. You had to be 21 and over so I didn't get to go. This is the one of those places that you would be sure to get to meet the performers if you really want to. I AM SO MAD. uhhhh, isn't that so gay?  

  1. jazmineforeverxoxo avatar

    On Jan 27, jazmineforeverxoxo said:

    destiny yeah this is late but scoutbars not downtown
    its in clearlake like on the way to galveston.lol
    dont feel bad. we're gonna end ip having the best pr fansite ever!
    and then jax will wanna meet us!
    and ive never met hm either so dont feel bad

  2. punk_princess94 avatar

    On Dec 31, punk_princess94 said:

    yeah...that soooo sucks! it's the same way here too....but that's the ONLY place ANYONE plays at!....but i can go inb 8 years

  3. wink avatar

    On Dec 17, wink said:

    aww freakin A
    , that blows i know how u feel, but give me a heads up next time about where they r gonna be in texas, i live in round rock so yea :]

  4. caught dead with jacoby avatar
  5. cruzhm avatar

    On Nov 05, cruzhm said:

    I went to the show last night, oh man it was bad ass. One of the best shows I ever seen. Jacoby was crowd surfing. Sorry if anyone missed it was a most see show and it was free.

  6. retarded_dinosaur avatar

    On Nov 05, retarded_dinosaur said:

    there doin something like that here. but its at a place you dont have to be 21 or older to get in n im only 20. n the only way to get in is to win off the radio. i called n they said you have to be 21 i was pissed

  7. Cowboy avatar

    On Nov 05, Cowboy said:

    no thats not gay.

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