Jonathan Davis Solo tour.........

Sat, Nov 24, 2007 at 2:31 PM By: Destiny

I am so excited. On the 27th of November, I am going to the Jonathan Davis Solo tour with 2 of my really good friend Avery, and Tiffany. It is going to be so much fun! We are probably going to get to meet Jonathan Davis (the lead singer of KoRn); and that's not all. Fieldy and Munky (The bass and Guitar player of KoRn) are going to be in the aduince taking pictures with, signing autographs for, and meeting their fans. I really want to meet Fieldy. He is so pretty.

 Im kinda mad though, becuase, I think I have the flu, and my throat is really sore. I hope that my throat gets better, becuase I need it to scream on Tuesday! And if it doesnt get better , it is going to kill me after the concert, becuase I will scream to my fulliest power. Even it that is none! Serously though! I hope it gets better!

Im so psyched about it though! only like 3 days away!

  1. caught dead with jacoby avatar

    On Dec 17, caught dead with jacoby said:

    And you still screamed your head off, when we went.

  2. punk_princess94 avatar

    On Dec 03, punk_princess94 said:

    forget the flu...go if it kills you! kidding=)

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