Crue Fest Was FReaking Rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 6:50 PM By: Destiny

So Crue Fest was awsome..... [Go comment my pictures from it!]

First TRAPT played; I liked them, but they gay was trying to scream too much and he wan't that great at that.... But he was good.

Next, Sixx A.M. played; Nikki Sixx is the prettiest old guy that I have ever seen. I swear. So I patiently awaited for them to play my song knowing that it was going to be last (Life is Beautiful), and they played it!!!!!!!!! Yay! He made the audiance sing, (I dont like that, because they always sing horrible including me). And, he did the
"Just open your eyes and see that ...."
Like a billion times, and let the crowd sing
Seriously like a billion times.
And, then they left, but they had an awsome background and Nikki was so awsome.

Then, for the moment that Jazmine and I have been waiting for since we bought our tickets..... We sat and waited for Papa Roach to walk out. Overwelming with excitement, and impatiently sitting and waiting and waiting. .... Finally, the drummer (which those of you who remember that Dave is no longer the drummer) from Unwritten Law Toby (Something that i can't remember at the moment) walked out....... Of course the screaming came. Then Jerry came, then Tobin and a split moment after came Coby.... He was dressed in Black pants, a white and blue shirt, and I black vest. And his hair lookes sooooooo Pretty, the light was kind of making it look like he had 2 blonde patches in it; but it wasn't.
Well, they sang The Addict first. And, next they sang To Be Loved....
Then Jay Jay came out into the audiance while he was sinigng Time is Running out, and me and Jazmine ran out of our seats to go catch him; I got him from behind, while he was turnign around and I actually hugged him. (He didn't hug me though) Then we were just touching him as much as we could befor the Security Guard was yelling at us. WE both wanted to do more, but we didnt want to get kicked out. Especially because he was already mad because of us jumping out of our seats when Jay jay came on stage. So anyways we looked like psychopaths (especially me since I was running in my stripper staletoes Lol)! Then he went like 2 isles, in front of where we were supposed to sit and we tried to fallow him, (Jazmine thinking that it was where we were supposed to be sitting at, and me just doing it out of stupidity); but the securtiy guard yanked our shirts and told us
"If yall get out of your seats one more time that's it yall are gonna have to go!" as he basically placed us in our freaking seats, (and he didn't even look storng at all..... I shoulda pounded him! *twitch* We were just huging each other and freaking screaming, jumping up and down; and telling one another
"NO DON'T TOUCH MY HAND!" Lol. Hahaha.
But, anyways by the end of the song, he was standing on top of a thingy with the camera in the middle. HIs mic keep cutting out there, so the equipment people are freaking retarted as crap!
He was asking us if we wanted to hear something from their new album.... he sang "I almost said I loved you", from the new album Metamorphasis, that is supposed to be coming out in August btw. ( I can't freaking wait)! He looked really f*&^ing sexy while he was singing this one to, and the words were easy to catch on to.
Then he sang "Forever", and was talking about
"THIS SONG IS FOR ALL THE LITTLE DIRTY GIRLS OUT THERE!" Of course the freaking crowd went wild over that one........... And HE LOOKED so GORGOUSE!
Afterwards he sang scars.... I believe, and then he was doing stuff with the audiance. You know, like talking to us and stuff (it was so hot!)
Here it came.... next he asked if their were any old school Papa Roach fans in the house and the crowed Rawrd of course...... especially Jazmine and I You know you know...! So He rocked us out with some "Broken HOme", some "Between Angles and Insects". I was getting really freaking tired and I was about to pass out ufortionitly enough:( BUt, I knew that next was going to be "Last Resort" and that would be the last song of the night, becuase they very rarely ever play anything after Last Resort. So then I was trying my hardest to see him for the last few minutes, and I like that song better live than I do on the radio, for some reason..... But, they were REALLY FREAKING ROCKING!!!!!!!!! You could also tell that they did something different with their music, so that it didn't sound exactly the same as it always does, live and on the CD..... It was okay, kind of shocked me, but i perfer the other way better. I still loved it though!!!!!!!!!!
This made my whole day better than it was, because who wouldn't feel better after they got to see their favorite band live?

BuckCherry, came up next I don't really care for them that much, but I like a paticular few songs of theirs.... Like "Everything" and "With Out you", only "Crazy Bitch" when it's being sang live!
So anyways they started to sing "Crazy Bitch", but he was mixing it with another song idk what called though. And, during the middle he stopped and he was talking about how everyone is looking for their own crazy bitch....
Then he said "like the type of woman who is sucking your d*&k and swallows every F*^&ing time... and, the type of woman who when your hitting her from behind she reaches back to tickle your balls a littlebit.
Then; I had to call Jesse (because he asked me to call him during this song) and this was just too funny and reminding me of him so I wanted him to hear it. Lol.
Of course that was there last song, because everyone loves Crazy Bitch so they would be a mistake if they were to put anything else last.

Next was the band that everyone was waiting for, and while we were waiting and they were setting up for them they were playing some pretty good music....
They played [koRn Here to stay] and [Marilyn Manson The beautiful people] and that was just enough for me alone to be occupied.
So when Motely Crue finally came out the crowd was going wild of course of course... They did really good.... I liked what they were putting on their screne.
But the third song that they played was the one that Jazmine and me were waiting for, "Siants of Los Angalas", because all the singers from the prevouse bands were going to come out.... That ment Jacoby of course would have to come back out.
So they persued the song and we freaking loved it.... But we almost got kicked out agian, becuase we couldn't see and we ended back out in the isle.
Tommy Lee was funny; I love that drummer. Lol. He cracks me up..... So he got off his drums and sat down indian style on stage. He was holding a bottle of yager and he was handing it out to the audiance and he was like "Pass it back I want my friends all the way back their to get some too."
People were cheering "PASS IT BACK! PASS IT BACK!" Hahaha.
Then he went up to the camera asking where the titi cam. was. It shook no. This lead to him taking it back stage, and there were all these girls in the girls bathroom doing dirty things with eachother on the screen.... (It was pretty gross from the perspective of a striaght girl.) LOl.
So he came back out and made a bunch of people show their Boobs..... And, this one girl almost got all the way neckade, but she was ugly, and her boobs were little so I don't know if she even counted. But, Tommy liked it. Hahaha
THen they played some more thanked us for coming out.
Finally, the first behind the last song came... which was the song that I had been waiting to hear from them.
Before it started he made us make motorcycle hands, and pull our hands back.... Pretty cool. Pretty cool.
"Girls"!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited to hear this one.... I was rocking out!
Girls, Girls, Girls!

Then we left and we got free Stride gum, and Full Throtle energy drinks as we were walking out.

P.s. I wish I could have met Jacoby though :{ Leave me some comments on this one you guys..................

I TOUCHED COBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Francesca avatar

    On Jul 25, Francesca said:

    omggg they sang the addict?!?!?!?!?!? omg i love that song.... they sang change or die as our first song in FL

  2. Peace & Serenity avatar

    On Jul 24, Peace & Serenity said:

    I was at Crue Fest in Indy on 7/18 it was my 3rd time see Crue and they get better and better. Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Sixx AM and Trapt first time I have seen them. But when Papa Roach played I was so happy. I have always been a huge fan. Jacoby jumped off the stage and was all walking in the crowd. I was up on the second level under the roof and he was like about 25 feet from me. I was like oh my god! Everyone was crowded around him and I could not get a good pic. I got the side of his head. I was damn. But anyone and everyone needs to go to Crue Fest. It is a great time. I loved it and I may go again in Ohio with a friend for her birthday.
    The line up for me was Trapt-30 minutes, Sixx AM 30 minutes, Papa Roach 1 hour, Buckcherry 1 hour and Crue 3 hours. Great Show!

  3. Lovely_XxXxX avatar

    On Jul 24, Lovely_XxXxX said:

    That sounds like a freaking rocking time!

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