Broken Everything

Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 12:19 AM By: Destiny

Before it started, I lingered for your phone call.
I was nervous to see you. And, skittish around you.

When it was there, i apprehinded your phone call would attain
I notably got to see you, so I was delighted when the time came
Never the less, you were infrequently there, because you didn't care.
Im tough, and you can see; but thats why you can't percieve me.

You didn't care. However, I was still waiting for you.
When you called me: I eknowledged you.
While you needed me, I was there.
Times you desired me, you had me.
I contibuted everything for you not even care.
I fell for you.
Then, you chipped my heart.... I strived to let it go, because i loved you.

You longed for me back, so you prevailed me.
I awarded you everything.
That took away everyone...
I didn't care, concidering I had you.
You engaged my entire heart instintly.
Then, you did it agian, exept this time it was a shatter,
but being self-indulged to the desire i had just to be with you.
I enabled you to do it repeditly.

We accepted each other as a pair this time.
Things were favorable, to us now.
Two people so in love.
Amazing how you can feel when your in love.

We slowly began to drift. Then, there was desire to be away from each other, but we caused it what niehter of us desired.

I was keeping you from what you wanted
that induced you to want a break,
which caused me to isolate,
this brough your anger,
resulted in my to disengage to increase,
that gave you pain.....

Everything that we did to restrict it; I promptly see is what envoked it.
What was once is annihalated, from you trying to keep it from happening.

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    On Feb 23, Janelle said:

    PRoach IS coming to Texas..take another look at the tour dates and I'll see you there.

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