1. markk avatar

    On Jul 11, markk said:

    i add you can you accept me please

  2. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Jun 03, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    hey there :D

  3. ROCK_GOD666 avatar

    On Apr 02, ROCK_GOD666 said:


  4. vern93 avatar

    On Mar 14, vern93 said:

    ya its been awhile hope u r ok : ) well dont be too stressed! anyways im waiting for spring break thats in 2 weeks XD and im seeing proach in may! cant wait its earth day bday : ) so just looking forward to some shows and i guess thats it. school..busy..guys confusing..the usual. soo what have u been up to?

  5. Broken.Home avatar

    On Mar 13, Broken.Home said:

    Hey :) Yeah it has been a while since we last talked, its good to stay in contact with 'original rioters' since a majority of the people that were on here since the site first came up don't log in anymore. =/ Oh well its good to hear from you again. I've been pretty good thanks, just trying to look for a decent job and spending time with friends an family nothing to overly exciting i guess but its been good none the less. :) So what have you been up to lately?

  6. donyzetty avatar

    On Mar 11, donyzetty said:

    yeah don't worry....yeah you're right it's been a while but its ok haha and how are you?...i hope u r doin sooooo goood =) have a good night

  7. Kristina Klarissa Sixx avatar

    On Jan 14, Kristina Klarissa Sixx said:

    I'm so sorry to write to you so late! I'm still busy with school and work :( I am so looking forward to February cuz I know I'll be a bit off school!
    I'm really very sorry to hear about your dad :( It's just terrible! Much love your way, hun, and lots of kisses. I think he had to be really very proud about you! I believe you are daughter every father would love to have :)

  8. $ Anam Cara $ avatar

    On Jan 07, $ Anam Cara $ said:

    lol don't worry baout it. i'm moving to viriginia beach so all of my free time, if i have any. is going twords that. so it takes me a lil bit to reply as well.

  9. RocheGirl avatar

    On Jan 01, RocheGirl said:

    12 Months happiness,
    52 weeks fun,
    365 Days laughter,
    8760 hrs good luck,
    525600 Minutes joy,
    31536000 seconds success,
    So wishing u a Happy New Year!!!

  10. vern93 avatar

    On Dec 23, vern93 said:

    ya hopefuly : ) so hows your break going? im glad to be able to sleep in lol eventhough ive been staying up kinda late and now im tired. and ya christmas is gonna come whether u r ready or not XD well incase i dont talk to u in a day or so happy early christmas! lol i hope everything goes well : )

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