1. Victor Kirilov avatar

    On Nov 12, Victor Kirilov said:

    Hallo ! Wie geht es Dir?

  2. anci avatar

    On Mar 31, anci said:

    Hey again :) I dare say I did break the record again, new record would be around 4 months ;) My excuse would be that I've been very busy with school and some other stuff related to school... I hope everything went well with the overtimeworking and that girl ;) It's probably a little late to give any advice and anyways I wouldn't have any since I'm not too experienced with those things xD Christmas in Sweden (even though it was 4 months ago) was much like usual. We decorate the houses with small "santa-statues" and a Christmas Tree and then most people spend the Christmas with their families. We celebrate most on Christmas Eve which I believe is a bit different from other countries. My family are usually visiting my cousins in the morning where we meet most of my dads part of the family. Then we go home again with my 2 grandmothers. Around 3 it's time to watch "Donald Duck and his friends wishes everyone a merry christmas" on TV. After that we eat the christmas dinner with lots of traditiona food and after that it's time for santa and presents and that's about it :)
    I hope you weren't too disappointed with a too warm winter? I for one have had a very cold and long winter and we still have snow and minusdegrees at night xD I've heard it's quite cold in the rest of europe too, is that correct? I'm not complaining too much about the cold weather though because it's been sunny for almost 3 weeks now which is very nice and I definitely prefer sunny and cold over warm and rainy ;) I hope you've been well !

  3. Victor Victorovich Kirilov avatar

    On Nov 27, Victor Victorovich Kirilov said:

    Hattest Du gestern viel Arbeit? Schlecht! Abe ich glaube dass Du am Abend eine Flasche Bier trinken könntest und Deine Lieblingsmusik auch hoeren könntest... Habe ich Recht?

  4. Victor Victorovich Kirilov avatar

    On Nov 26, Victor Victorovich Kirilov said:

    Hallo! Wie geht es Dir?
    Ich heisse Vik, und Du?

  5. LillySixxx avatar

    On Nov 25, LillySixxx said:

    SEEHR gut okay?? :D

  6. LillySixxx avatar

    On Nov 24, LillySixxx said:

    gut :D

  7. LillySixxx avatar

    On Nov 24, LillySixxx said:

    heyy wie gehts?

  8. LillySixxx avatar

    On Nov 24, LillySixxx said:

    hi, ich schreib ma auf deutsch ne ;) wie gehts dir sou ??

  9. _pezi_shaddix_ avatar

    On Nov 12, _pezi_shaddix_ said:

    ohaa nicht schlecht ^^ :P
    naja was soll ich sagen schule halt... ^^
    aber sonst nix neues thahaha :'D

    wie gehts dir sonst so ? ausser deinem stress halt ;)

  10. LillySykes avatar

    On Nov 11, LillySykes said:

    Jaa :D

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