1. Ghostrider avatar

    On Mar 18, Ghostrider said:

    That's awesome :)

  2. MadShe avatar

    On Dec 29, MadShe said:

    That is funny that you posted this because I was going to post something similar lol.. The same experience happened to me and it was my second time to see them.. they were with hinder in Oklahoma City, OK, and it was sooo amazing to be there.. the rest of the show was almost not even worth watching.. I don't think anyone can compare to how proach perfroms!! Jacoby did the same thing, I think it was during "Time is running out" and he was about foot from me a couple friends and I could have had a heartattack so I knew how you felt.. I had a blast and wish I could do it again.. :)

  3. havenseesgreen avatar

    On Dec 29, havenseesgreen said:

    i saw them with hinder too and it was crazy how much better proach is! it was great cuz when i saw them tha second time i saw them tobin and jacoby stayed right in front of me most of tha time n i was on tha rail it was pretty much tha best night of my life haha = )

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