1. gooner avatar

    On Mar 18, gooner said:

    too cute :p

  2. Destiny avatar

    On Mar 18, Destiny said:

    Hey what's up???? Sorry it's late, but um.... WELCOME TO THE RIOT!!!!!!!!

  3. shychild9 avatar

    On Mar 18, shychild9 said:

    WUZ UP????? WELCOME TO THE RIOT!!!!!!! =)

  4. gbsj avatar

    On Mar 04, gbsj said:

    hey P ROACHER welcome to the riot...

  5. marioroach avatar

    On Feb 28, marioroach said:

    hi!!!! u look so pretty =P, i add u as a friend, how are u?

  6. junebaby avatar

    On Jan 01, junebaby said:

    Hey, I hope u had a happy and safe new year. I fell asleep right after the new year. But, I look forward to a 2008 and all it brings. I will talk to u later,

  7. angelica411 avatar

    On Dec 31, angelica411 said:

    im angelica411 love ur pic

  8. futureshaddix15 avatar

    On Dec 30, futureshaddix15 said:

    u look like miley cyrus. my bf would like u. but dont even try it bitch.lol.

  9. futureshaddix15 avatar

    On Dec 29, futureshaddix15 said:

    hey my name is kayla. wats up?

  10. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Dec 29, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    VIVA LA CUCARACHA! welcome to riot! ^_^

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