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Hi My Name is Jennifer Romero :) I am 17 Years Young :) I Go To March Mountain High :) Class Of 2010 :) Well Basicly My Story Is You Only Live Life Once So Enjoy it! :) I Have Learned Alotta Things In The Past Couple Of Years... Ive Pretty Much Tired Everything And Im Over That Phase... Doing All Those Drugs And Getting Into Fights Didnt Really... Accomplish Anything It Only Hurt Those Around Me... And Those Who Called Themselves "My Friends" Basicly Were Never There... So Its Kinda Hard For Me To Trust People Cause Many Of Them.. Have Fucked Me Over In The Past...And Yes Iam A True Friend..Yes I Am A Very Cool Ass Chick Once You Get To Know Me..So Pretty Much Thats It For Now..So Dont Be A Stranger :)

Favorite Bands :)
-> A7X
->Bullets For My Valentine
->Three Days Grace
->Bury Tomorrow
->Haste The Day
->A Hero A Fake
->Blink 182
->Mutniy within
(juss ask me)

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