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Hi..Im Max..I'm a Major P Roach nut..Ever Since Infest..I identify myself so much with them..The lyrics are so real..Especially 'Scars'..My Fav album is LHT..altho i love every track they have done ..I come from a family of musicians..My pa..My middle bro an My Lil bro 15Yrs old who'sgonna be One famous mother of an axman one day..I love my music..Although did'nt have much time 4 it up till a year ago when i had a very demanding job takin all my time..Have a norm job now n lovin havin the time..I intend to get out to all the concerts i can now as missed out on all previous..The cd thats most playin around me at the mo is taproot 'Blue sky research' and 'Core' 'Away'..Am Also a massive Smashing Pumpkins nut.. Curve..Slipknot..Children of bodom..3 Doors down..Taproot..Paramore..Staind..AC/DC..Avenged sevenfold..Bullet for my Valentine..Garbage..H,I,M..Our Lady Peace..Static-X..Metallica..System of a Down..And Loads more..Im very straight talkin ..I love comunicating..Add me as a friend ..I dont bite..

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