papa roach tabs

Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 6:37 AM By: majc423

ive been looking for tabs for the getting away with murder album, but am haveing trouble finding if proach has released official tabs... ne 1 have a suggestion?

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    On Jan 17, majc423 said:

    Thank you for the tips :-)

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    On Jan 08, BoomaZ said:

    you can try this its all online so i dunno if this helps?

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    On Jan 06, billyrock said:

    Not sure what to tell you??? I just got The Paramour sessions book with tabs from this sites store. I just checked and they didn't have GAWM or Lovehatetragity. I have friends who seem to find Tabs on line, not sure where? If I figure it out I will get back to you. The books are from Hal -Leonard corp.

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