1. Bleedingclaw avatar

    On Nov 03, Bleedingclaw said:

    lol sounds fun! i'm jealous!

  2. Maia Gray avatar

    On Oct 11, Maia Gray said:

    Lool, Who did you call ugly, btw. XD Anyway, sounds like you had a great time!! x

  3. camaro avatar

    On Oct 07, camaro said:

    where ?

  4. Cat avatar

    On Oct 06, Cat said:

    i just see no reason to call someone an ugly bitch

  5. xxCobyDickLickaxx avatar

    On Oct 06, xxCobyDickLickaxx said:

    Yeahhhhh....Nathan and Matthew xD..funny dudes!

    I can just say what i saw
    ...were you one of 'em or what?!

  6. Cat avatar

    On Oct 05, Cat said:

    yea but maybe they're really nice persons and feel hurt if they read this, cuz noone is responsible for their own look ..just sayin
    and u wouldnt wanna be called ugly too if u were them i suggest
    just think that calling other people ugly is not really cool

  7. Aurinko avatar

    On Oct 05, Aurinko said:

    nathan is the singer...matthew the bass player ;)

  8. xxCobyDickLickaxx avatar

    On Oct 05, xxCobyDickLickaxx said:

    lol, i'm not saying that girls who hang with proach are ugly, i say they were ugly cause they realy were!

  9. Cat avatar

    On Oct 05, Cat said:

    not nice saying that girls who hang out with p roach are ugly

  10. bafy avatar

    On Oct 05, bafy said:

    heeeey there! still can't believe I was there! i thought that no show can be better than their last show in Moscow, but Stuttgart was deffinitely better!! freeeeeeeeeeeeaking insane!
    btw, thank u for the guitar pick ^^
    had a great time hangin out with u & ur friends! and thanx for helping me to get to the first row!

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