Stuttgart concert!

Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 6:55 AM By: xxCobyDickLickaxx

Stuttgart was a blast! It was much better than Wiesbaden!
Me and my friends were Vip's again, but it was much shorter than in Wiesbaden, sadly we didn't have that much time to talk to them....but enough time to give 'em the alcohol (No worries, Coby didn't drink).
After making the group picture i asked Tobin why he looks so pissed on stage, "Cause i fuckin hate you" was his answer, they started. I was shoked for one second, i turned to Coby and answered "Good, i don't like you either!". Tobin and the guys laughed again, then he huged me from behind, lol. I said "No, it's ok" and tried to walk away he huged me tighter, and i started laughing. Justin took a picture of that. I hope it will be uloaded soon.
We met the Drummer from Madina Lake befor the show, he's awesome, a really nice guy! We made a few Pics befor he went inside.
OMG, Jerry asked for my Riot name, AHHHH!
The guys had so much energy! Even Tobin seemed happy!
I wanted to have some water, Coby thaught BLOWJOB, i said later...i wanna have water xD. He trew a bottle to me after he drank of it, but a millions of hands came onfront of my face, i couldn' se where the bottlte was, till the water was all over my face. Coby and i started laughing, LMFAO.
Those stupid Stage divers, with those huge feet! I fuckin hate them!
Jacoby, Tony, Jerry and even TOBIN came out after the show. I said they should hug me befor they leave, they did!!! HAHA!
Tony, me, my bf and Nadine shared J├Ągermeister, lol. Jerry told us to stop. Tobin gave us some alkohol wich tasted pretty good.
We took a picture with Justin. He's a nice guy but we were mad at him because they didn't let us in befor the others! But we talked about it and now we're friends again. Ray is a nice guy too, HAHA. Everybody saw my Jacoby Tattoo, they liked it, coby said it looks better than is(lier xD ) His looks so much better, but the color isn't that strong anymore, but what do you expect, he had it for ages! Mine is one year old.
After the guys went into the bus, with some ugly bitches(they were realy ugly, i guys can ask the others,HA!). We went to Madina lake. We died laughing.
The singer (Matheo?)shared his pizza to me and Nadine, lol. The drummer took a picture of us both, i hope he'll post it on twitter! HAHAH.
After talkin to the twins and the drummer we went to the singer, wich was a noce guy aswell xD....he told me to call the drumme a 'faget 'xD.
Papa Roach and Madina Lake will be back next year, they said.....probably not together but atleast they'll be back! CAN'T WAIT!

  1. Bleedingclaw avatar

    On Nov 03, Bleedingclaw said:

    lol sounds fun! i'm jealous!

  2. Maia Gray avatar

    On Oct 11, Maia Gray said:

    Lool, Who did you call ugly, btw. XD Anyway, sounds like you had a great time!! x

  3. camaro avatar

    On Oct 07, camaro said:

    where ?

  4. Cat avatar

    On Oct 06, Cat said:

    i just see no reason to call someone an ugly bitch

  5. xxCobyDickLickaxx avatar

    On Oct 06, xxCobyDickLickaxx said:

    Yeahhhhh....Nathan and Matthew xD..funny dudes!

    I can just say what i saw
    ...were you one of 'em or what?!

  6. Cat avatar

    On Oct 05, Cat said:

    yea but maybe they're really nice persons and feel hurt if they read this, cuz noone is responsible for their own look ..just sayin
    and u wouldnt wanna be called ugly too if u were them i suggest
    just think that calling other people ugly is not really cool

  7. Aurinko avatar

    On Oct 05, Aurinko said:

    nathan is the singer...matthew the bass player ;)

  8. xxCobyDickLickaxx avatar

    On Oct 05, xxCobyDickLickaxx said:

    lol, i'm not saying that girls who hang with proach are ugly, i say they were ugly cause they realy were!

  9. Cat avatar

    On Oct 05, Cat said:

    not nice saying that girls who hang out with p roach are ugly

  10. bafy avatar

    On Oct 05, bafy said:

    heeeey there! still can't believe I was there! i thought that no show can be better than their last show in Moscow, but Stuttgart was deffinitely better!! freeeeeeeeeeeeaking insane!
    btw, thank u for the guitar pick ^^
    had a great time hangin out with u & ur friends! and thanx for helping me to get to the first row!

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