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Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 5:09 PM By: kickxinxthexteeth91

Okay so I think this is really awesome. Not the problem but what's resulting from the problem. For those of you who don't know and don't follow news in the USA there are some HUGE budget cuts for education in the making...

This means high schools and colleges in Pennsylvania are going to be seeing a lot of cuts. High schools are going to have to cut funds somewhere, whether it be from cutting costs from extracurricular activities and having to pay a bit to participate in them, transportation, or the firing of teachers. With the cut of teachers, classroom sizes are going to grow and be larger than they already are. And some of our schools already have huge classes...have you ever tried to really learn anything with a class of 30? And high schools aren’t the only ones being affected either, colleges are going to see about a 50% cut from funding. Everyone's education is in jeopardy.

So the students at my old high school have decided to do something about it. They just want to get out to people that not only are the adults upset, but that the students are outraged as well, and do not want to see their favorite teachers sacked because this country can't handle its money.

The morning of the 15th, all of the students and the county are invited to to go to the high school around 7:00 AM, wearing a RED shirt or hoodie. Their goal is to have enough people to be able to lock arms the entire way around the school from 7:30 until 7:55.

The School has been notified, and both the principal and Super have been invited. They're even planning on having a few student speakers.

All local newspapers and stations have been contacted, in the hope that their voice in this will be heard. Whether of not they make any difference, this is a cause that they want to stand for. So if you're going to be near Mercer, Pennsylvania check it out!

IMPORTANT: This is in NO WAY, shape or form, an assault on the school. They know perfectly well that the school has nothing to do with these cuts. They're only using the school to voice their opinions.

I'm so proud of my friends and previous classmates for doing something like this. I think it's such a good cause and it's a peaceful way for their voices to be heard.

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    On Apr 12, Grizzlybar2289 said:

    That sounds like a reallygreat plan to raise awareness in your area. We've been dealing with the same issues here at Lock Haven and have been trying to raise awareness through rallies, letter writing campaigns, petitions, and even having a group of ou cross country team run to Harrisburg to bring awareness of the issues that we're all facing. I'm hoping it all works out cuz the stuff they're talking about doing here are going to make schooling either impossible to afford or not as productive as before (witht he huge classes and cut professors). Anyway good luck and I hope your plan works out

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